Saturday, August 8, 2009

China Encircling India

Sri Lanka’s war with LTTE and penchant support from Indian side to wipe out vile forces has been a successful development recently. However, there are dangers looming as some diplomats opine that it was China and Chinese weapons which were used in defeating LTTE and not India’s diplomatic support. Diplomatic enclave opines that China has become major supporter of Sri Lanka. In 2008 alone, China has given Rs. 500 crores as assistance to Sri Lanka which has now exceeded India and Japan by many folds in providing financial assistance. Sri Lanka purchased Rs. 100 crores worth of military equipment on loan basis from China and the amount has been written off.

China is playing its card well as it is using Pakistan as an ally in it which played major role providing military assistance to Sri Lanka during the recent arm conflict. Additionally, in 2006, Pakistan gave Rs. 300 crore worth of military assistance to Sri Lanka. In a way China is encircling India from many fronts. India’s influence over Sri Lanka and so called Munro Doctrine of South Asia does not seem to work.
And in return Sri Lanka signed an independent trade agreement with Pakistan, similar to the one it signed with India. What Indian prime ministers have dreamt in early phase of Indian supremacy over South Asia seem to be broken. China wants to counter the US alliance with India the sub continent which again is aimed curtailing the Chinese presence and influence in South Asia.

Unlike India China since beginning aimed to make Sri Lanka realize that Sri Lanka requires military help from a major power in the reason. What Sri Lanka did was that it took diplomatic support from India and military support from China and Pakistan. The victory over LTTE has served the purpose of both the countries well. Whereas, China has got an ally in South Asia, Sri Lanka has China card to play against India. Various indications show that Sri Lanka would not give much weight to India and Indian expansionism as it has got a sound ally.